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    Jason Eli’s career as a DJ and producer is a result of a love for making people dance and a desire to explore musical genres from House, Soul, to Jazz, Afro-Beat, Funk and beyond. His humble beginnings playing his big cousins’ records at the age of 11 have taken him forwards to DJ at countless parties, festivals and some of the most well known club venues all over the world, from Ministry of Sound in London to the iconic Splore festival in New Zealand and many places in between. As a music producer & remixer he's worked on tracks for music icon’s like Whitney Houston, remixed songs for labels like Motown and produced music for underground singing legends like Sharlene Hector of Basement Jaxx.

    Club DJ & Radio Host

    Jason held a four year residency at Ministry of Sound alongside DJ Harvey, Justin Berkmann (the founder of MoS) and Bert Bevans when the Ministry was at the cutting edge of underground House music. He's rocked crowds and toured with legends like the godfather of House - the late Frankie Knuckles, Techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson, ex Studio 54 resident Kenny Carpenter, Masters at Work, Norman Jay and many more. Moving on from Ministry of Sound, Jason widened his sets to include more latin flavours, Disco and live instrumentation. His next regular influential club night was “Swaraj”, based in London’s Blue note club - one of the first events in the world to blend Indian music with the exploding dance culture of the time.

    Over the years, he has continued to refuse to be boxed into one club music style and developed his own brand of up-tempo, percussive, soulful DJ sets that draw on both the classic (Soul, Disco, Salsa) and the new (House, UK Garage, Drum & Bass, Broken Beat, Future). He often brings his own live keyboard playing to the party to add some extra creativity and energy to his sets, as well as often featuring amazing live singer's, MC's and musicians. His recent set at New Zealand's Splore festival featuring MC Earl Gateshead and vocalist Sharlene Hector (Basement Jaxx) is a memorable example.

    Over a four year period, Jason presented the Groovadelica radio show on Auckland’s George FM, and used this platform to push his eclectic tastes in Soulful, uplifting sounds for over four years every week. The show had a solid following of around 20,000 people every week, but he decided to stop broadcasting due to his other musical commitments. It may be back one day!

    Producer and Remixer

    His production and remix career so far has taken many twists and turns. Originally he focused on House music. A few years after that he was on a mission to fuse eastern beats with electronica. As one half of the Marvel & Eli production duo, Jason produced and remixed five UK national top 40 hits. Artists he’s remixed include Whitney Houston, Mos Def, Sola Rosa, Damage, Masters at Work and many others. His numerous other productions and remixes have been released under various pseudonyms or collaborations by labels including EMI, Defected/Copyright, Sony Music, Locked On and many more.

    His sound today has been described as somewhere between the soul/funk Anderson .Paak, the grooves of Brass Construction and the energy of Skream. Keep an eye out for his current productions being released on his own Groovadelica label.


    Jason launched Groovadelica originally as an outlet for his collaborations with musicians, singers and performers. Since then Groovadelica has grown into a music event, radio show and a place for creative talent to grow. The Groovadelica club nights have gone down a storm in Jason’s home town of Auckland due to the unique combination of Live music from in house band The Groovadelica Orchestra, fresh vocalists, beautiful food and of course great local and international DJ’s.

  • Discography

    Productions & Remixes


    Jason Eli feat. Sharlene Hector & Kevin Mark Trail "Take Me Over" (Groovadelica) released : 2017

    Jason Eli feat. Sharlene Hector "Don't Let Nobody Tell You (DLNTY)" (Groovadelica) released : 2015

    Jason Eli feat. Imagine This & Cherie Mathieson "That's Right" (Groovadelica) released : 2014

    Jason Eli feat. Lindah E & Koder “Jump Up” (Groovadelica) released : 2009

    Kaea feat. Amomai & Cherilee “Whakatata” (TMP) released: June 2007

    Joosika “Ease Your Mind” (Copyright Recordings. U.K.Catalog#:CRP-012) released: 2006

    Joos “Do you love what you see?” (Groovadelica - Cat No: GROOVA 001) (Groovadelica) released : 2005

    Jade Lion feat Lindah E “Don’t Come Back” (Southside Records U.K.) released: 2004

    Marvel & Eli “No Callin’” (Marvelis Records. U.K. cat no. M005) released March 2002

    Southside Allstars “Angel “(Locked On. U.K. Cat no: LOCKED 039) released:18th march 2002

    E-Love “If you were my...” (Stonegroove Recordings U.K. Catalog#:

    STONET14) released :2001

    JJ Louis & Jade Lion “Ruff Tuff ‘n’ Ready” (Unit 5 Records. U.K. Catalog#:

    UNIT5 009 ) released 2001

    Marvel & Eli feat. Andrew Tumi“Colour of the Bass” (Marvelis Records. U.K. Catalog#:M 002) released: 2001

    Colourgirl “Closer” (4 Liberty U.K. cat. no. LIBT 12047) August 2001

    Colourgirl “Mas Que Nada” (4 Liberty U.K. cat no. LIBT12040) released:2001

    G:UK “More & More” (from the mix CD “Garage Anthems Summer 2K)(4 Liberty U.K. cat. no. LIBT CD007) released: 2000

    Marvel & Eli “Marvel’s Theme intro” (from the mix CD “Garage Anthems Summer 2K)(4 Liberty U.K. cat. no. LIBT CD007) released: 2000

    Colourgirl “Can’t get used to losing you” (4 Liberty U.K.cat no. LIBT 12037) 2000

    Eli feat. Angel A “Eye See” (Storm Compilations) released : 2000

    Louise Teles “Better Days” (Storm Compilations) released : 2000

    “I want your love” Angel A (Storm Compilations) released : 2000

    Marvel & Eli “GM Groove” (Storm Compilations) released : 2000

    Vad “Beautiful People (Marvel & Eli Southside Remix)” (Storm Compilations) released : 2000

    Southside “Let Me Down Easy” (Storm Compilations) released : 2000

    Southside “ Overdrive (Single Version)” (Storm Compilations) released : 2000

    Marvel & Eli “Dragon Fist” (Fantastic 3 Recordings U.K. Catalog#:

    FT3 001) released 2000

    Marvel & Eli “Me or Her/ Next Love” (Southside Recordings U.K. Catalog#:

    SS 009) released Nov 1999

    Marvel & Eli “Pump/ Endlessly” (U.K. white label cat no. WHITE 3) released 1998


    Sharlene Hector "Take Heart (Jason Eli remix)" (Groovadelica) released : 2016

    Sola Rosa "Humanised (Jason Eli's Groovadelica remix) (Way Up Recordings) released : 2010

    Batucada Sound Machine “Rivers Of Rhyme (Jason Eli’s Afro-Bruk remix) PROMO (August 2008)

    Joosika “Ease your mind (Jasau’s House remix)” (Copyright Recordings U.K.Catalog#:CRP-012) released: 2006

    Nesian Mystik “What’s next (Jason Eli remix)” Bounce Records (New Zealand) released : 2005

    Joos “Take it further (Jason Eli’s Dub mix)” (Groovadelica Cat No: GROOVA 001) RELEASED:2005

    Joos “Do you love what you see? (Jason Eli’s latin dub remix)” (Groovadelica Cat No: GROOVA 001) RELEASED:2005

    Southside Allstars “Angel (4by4 mix)” / “Angel (4by4 dub)” (Locked On U.K.Catalog#:LOCKED 039) released: March 2002

    El Jay & The Soul Riders “Playin’ Games (Eli’s dub remix)” (Groovadelica Cat No: DELI 12 001) released: 2001

    Little Menace “Hush Hush (Marvel & Eli’s Downlow remix)” (Ransom Recordings U.K. cat no. RR001) released 2001

    Fiona Prince “High on You Again (Marvel & Eli remix)” Disco Volante U.K. Catalog#:DVS-1008-VTPRO1) released: 2000

    Ladies 1st “C’mon” Marvel & Eli remix (Polydor) 2001 (approx)

    Atheen “Love come down (Marvel & Eli remix)” (Estaloka) 2001

    Atheen “Tell me what you think about that (Marvel & Eli remix)” (Estaloka) 2001 (approx)

    Cecilia “Shame (Marvel & Eli remix)” (Neo Resords. U.K. Catalog#:

    NEO12071) released: 2001 approx.

    Damage “Still be Loving You (Marvel & Eli remix)”(Cooltempo U.K. Catalog#:

    12COOL 355) released: 2001

    Mos Def “Umi Says (Marvel & Eli remix)” (Rawkus *unreleased*) 2001(approx)


    Lynden David Hall “Sleeping with Victor (Marvel & Eli remix)” (Cooltempo. U.K.Catalog#:12COOLDJS 348) released: 2000

    702 “You DOn’t know (Marvel & Eli remix)” Motown/ Universal. Catalog#:

    TMG 0150, 012 156 451-1 released: 1999

    Micheal Moog “That Sound(Marvel & Eli remix)”(FFRR/ 51st) Catalog#:

    51TP013. released: 1999

    Whitney Houston “My Love Is Your Love” Marvel & Eli remix( Arista U.K./ Catalog#:MYLOVE 4) released :1999 (released on other formats also)

    Whitney Houston “It’s not right but its OK (Marvel & Eil's G3 Mix)”( Arista U.K./ Catalog#:MYLOVE 4) released :1999

    Masters at Work feat. India & Micheal Watford “Voices (Eli’s Dub)” (Sound of Ministry U.K. Catalog#:SOMT013) released :1995

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